Thomas Brennan Memorial Foundation

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“We worked with Jennifer on revamping and updating our almost 20 year old website for our non-profit; never an easy task for a web designer. Jen was professional and efficient and honest and patient with us throughout the entire process. Did I mention patient? She listened to our requests and took the time to explain our best options to us. We are so thankful that she brought our old and antiquated website well into the 21st century. Thank you Jen!”

Jennifer Brennan Waterhouse
Thomas Brennan Memorial Foundation

About The Project

Digital Space Designs worked with The Thomas Brennan Foundation to update their outdated website.

The new website’s goals were to clearly communicate the Foundation’s mission, speak to the life and values of Thomas Brennan, outline their scholarship process, and to celebrate their scholars.

The website supports fundraising efforts by providing donation processing and an optional fee recovery to offset credit card fees.