Pooch Parlor

About The Project

When Pooch Parlor hired Digital Space Designs to redesign Pooch Parlor’s website, there was only one, and second on the way! Now there are three!

Nicole’s quickly growing business needed a website that captured her brand to help her connect with her clients and help make her business run more efficiently by supporting her presales process.

We built the new website to be playful and light while doing the heavy lifting of outlining many of her new clients’ questions and concerns upfront, saving her face to face time explaining the value of mobile grooming and how it works.  By anticipating her clients’ needs, Pooch Parlor was able to gain people’s trust to leave their beloved dogs in their care, which is an important part of the sales process for her customer.

Now Nicole has more time to focus on growing her business and getting a whole fleet of vans to clean all those dirty pooches!