Kathy Joyce Fitness

Creative Process

Services: Website Redesign,  Logo Design,
Photo Shoot, branding copywriting.


Kathy Joyce Fitness hired DSD to help develop her brand, launch a new website, develop a new logo, and create images for content.


DSD hired Red Ski Creative as Strategic Partners to develop the perfect logo for Kathy Joyce Fitness. 

Photo Shoot

We worked with Photographer Darrah Anaheim, to tell the Kathy Joyce Fitness Story in images for the website and for her ongoing Instagram campaigns.

“It’s rare to find a business that’s as professional and dedicated as Digital Space Designs. 

Jennifer worked closely with me to understand my needs, articulate my vision and not only help me design my first website, but to also develop my brand.
Jennifer helped me, every step of the way to make sure I was happy with my website design and logo. I was more than satisfied with the end product!

If you are in need of a website designer look no further! Digital Space Designs is the best!”

Kathy Joyce
Kathy Joyce Fitness