Brown Bagging For Kids

About The Project

The overhaul of the Brown Bagging For Kids website represents a substantial initiative aimed at revitalizing and structuring this extensive organization, which involves the community’s collaborative efforts to supply brown-bagged lunches to schools where children face food insecurity.

The anticipated launch date for this project is set for spring 2024.

“Brown Bagging for Calgary’s Kids (BB4CK) is a non-profit organization who has worked for over 30 years to bring people together to ensure kids in our city have access to food. 

How will we do this? Our BB4CK community includes dedicated volunteers, parents, school staff and donors who help to connect kids to food. With over 30 community kitchens staffed with hundreds of volunteers, assembling lunches for thousands of kids every day, we are committed to removing barriers to food in a dignified way for any child who arrives to school without enough food in their lunch.

We provide sandwiches, fruit, vegetables, baked goods and snacks to care for kids. In addition to providing nutritious meals, our food support creates community connection and a sense of belonging. This is all made possible by our incredible donors, sponsors and impactful community fundraisers.”