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NYC St. Patrick’s Day Parade

 Web Design      Branding      Custom Functionality  
 Parade Event Support   Content Organization 
 Maintenance Contract 

Working with The NYC St. Patrick’s Day Parade as a client turned out to be such a gratifying project! Learning about the Parade’s long grand history, the board members’ dedication, and the Irish community’s enthusiasm, I was honored to be entrusted to support this endeavor through the redesign of their website and building custom functionality.

The Parade’s existing website, maintained by volunteers over the years, needed to stay intact to preserve the existing content but was in desperate need of organization and editing.

The website design needed a refresh to better focus on the Parade’s mission while developing a better user experience to deliver pre-event information leading up to the Parade and Parade day schedules.

Donations and sponsors fund this organization with custom functionality built to support the Dedication Wall and enhanced backend functionality to maintain a sponsor database.

Over time we will continue to grow the website to support this organization’s endeavors.