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Full Service Web Design For NonProfits

Create an infrastructure to support all your initiatives.

Use technology to grow your donations

This package can be scaled to your organization’s unique needs and can include:


A strategic Website designed to share your mission

Build a website that supports your fundraising efforts and is easy to navigate for your outreach recipients.

By going through the process of drilling down on your mission, the what, why and how of your services. and what differentiates you from your consumers, will help you to develop a website that is working hard for you.



Added functionality

Automate your processes so that your volunteers can focus on your mission instead of the tasks that take up their valuable time.

Donations, event ticketing, tributes, calendars, merchandise sales, and other functionality can easily be added to the website to support fundraising.

Registration and a calendar of events for community outreach can be added to encourage sign-ups and get the word out.

A database for resources library can be added to provide a curated collection of helpful information.



By reviewing insights from Googly Analytics, and other data points, you can gain a deeper understanding of which campaigns are working and what is not. By learning from this information you gain a better understanding of your donors’ habits and can adapt your efforts going forward.


Professional email setup

Many organizations have yet to move their emails to a professional platform. Google G-Suite offers free services for Non-For-Profits. Migration services are offered.


On going support Available

Ongoing support is offered to keep your website updated and any changes or additions needed along the way. Training services and support tickets are also available.