Workplace Efficiencies

Google Workspace with Domain Emails
+ Efficiencies

Workplace efficiencies not only free up your time to focus on building your business, but automated functionality enhances your overall customer experience a puts forth a leading-edge mindset.

A WordPress website can be used for much more than your marketing. With the proper integration, your website can become a payment processor, a CRM, used to schedule clients, create detailed intake forms, and so much more.

Google Workspace is a powerful platform that keeps you and your staff organized, consistent, and connected. Powered with domain emails that can easily be assigned to multiple people and moved to new staff members while retaining all the email history for your business. Google Workspace is a perfect compliment to your website.

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Functionality Add-on Examples
Events Calendar
Ticket purchase
Payment processor
Chat functionality
Scheduling app
List building offers
Forms for data collection
Email list linking