Every project at Digital Space Designs begins with learning about your business, understanding your needs, and is guided by my core set of principles.


Digital Space Designs Guiding Principles.


Smart marketing is about being customer-focused. By understanding your customers’ needs you can better connect with them.


Building a website is an accomplishment. It is hard work, but when done thoughtfully, it will pay off in many ways.


Developing your messaging is a creative process. Get feedback, give your work some space to refine it with a fresh perspective. Don’t get discouraged.


I believe kindness is a valuable skill set and that there is power in being present, respectful, nice, and knowledgeable. 


Hold yourself in Esteem. Be your biggest cheerleader. You work hard at what you do, don’t forget to recognize your progress.


Trust is earned; it is about being consistent, honest, and authentic. Don’t tell people, show people through your actions and words.

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Building a great website is all about the process.

Do not underestimate the value you will gain by taking the time to explore the Who, What, and Why of your business. Going through this process will help to clarify your vision creating a pathway to developing marketing that will speak to your customers.

The Digital Space Designs worksheets are designed to streamline this process and quickly get to the core information we need to move forward.

For a deeper dive into your marketing, The Branding + Marketing Strategy Package  facilitates a growth-driven approach to content strategy and messaging that will help you to be directed, on-point, and consistent in your efforts.

Below I answer some of the questions we explore in our kickoff meeting.

The Who.
What is your mission?  Describe briefly your story, why you built your business.

Digital Space Designs’ mission is to make professional, high-quality website services accessible to small businesses.

Digital Space Designs is an evolution of my marketing experience working at the big advertising agencies producing commercials, to become a solopreneur offering a well-rounded approach to building websites from a marketing, technical, and design perspective.

I live in Westchester, NY, with my husband. I’m a Mom of two great kids and one dog.  I love to cook and have dinner parties for friends and family as often as I can. I could not live without my Peloton!

My personal life and approach to work are one and the same; it should be done thoughtfully, thoroughly, be fun, be consistent, and well designed!

Every business can benefit from marketing, I enjoy empowering businesses to access the tools needed to cut through the crowded digital space with intention.

The What.
Describe what your company does.

Digital Space Designs helps small businesses to do business better, by offering a range of services to support all sizes and needs with high-quality professional resources.

Website Design
Branding + Marketing Strategy
Business Efficiencies
Digital Space Designs Support Packages
Digital Space Designs Website Starter Package

The Why.
What specific benefits can customers expect? Why do your methods solve problems and improve situations? 

The goals for websites should always be to differentiate you from your competition, create a clear brand message, build a destination that influences presales, and connects with customers. Still, every business is different, so the path will always be unique for each project. 

Digital Space Designs’ approach to web development is about adding value to every job by finding your unique path.  This applies to both the process and the building of your website. You will receive guidance and direction all along the way, keeping you focused and on-task, so your time is well spent, and your website effective.

Digital Space Designs offer packages and solutions for businesses of all sizes and stages.

Are you ready to give your business a lift?