10 Website Tips For 2020

It is time to stop putting it off and start working on your website.

If you need a new website or need to work on your website ,  NOW is the time to get started.

Just think by spring you could have your new smart website ready to show your new clients!

With out further ado, here is the list!

1. Work on making your website dynamic by adding blog posts that can easily be shared.

2. Think about out your target audience or work on a new target audience and learn from this data.

3. Think of a clever give away to build your email list.

4. Oh, create a newsletter and an email list!

5 + 6.  Audit your existing website to see what content can be evolved and changed. Pick a page to edit. Work on making it more concise, add new information, or work on your brand voice.

7. Make a new goal for the year and strategize on how to reach it.

8. Ask for help or honest feedback.

9. Think of ways for your website to automate your systems, such as schedule appointments, filling out forms, or processing payments. Your website can make your life a lot easier.

10. Take professional pictures of yourself for your social media posts and to add them to your website. People like to get to know you and see you are.

And lastly, reach out to me at Digital Space Designs, because I would love to hear about your projects, your thoughts, and your questions!  [email protected]